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04 December 2018

Interview Ben Miller: IDECSI and recommendations for CISOs

Ben Miller VP UK Idecsi

An interview with IDECSI Sales VP International Ben Miller

Watch what IDECSI Sales VP International Ben Miller has to say about IDECSI, the key focus for its unique technology, biggest customer success stories, cyber security predictions for 2018 and recommendations for CISOs.

In addition, Ben shares the key takeaways from the Noord Infosec Dialogue UK event that IDECSI sponsored in November 2017.



Cyber-attacks impact businesses through financial loss, legal consequences and reputational damage. The loss or left of data can expose companies to the risk of action by regulators and stakeholders.

Today’s attacks can be of such severity and speed that a human response cannot happen quickly enough.
How do you know whether someone is spying on your CEO’s email? Or on your critical SharePoint drives? Or on your Dropbox or other applications?

Sensitive resources can be maliciously accessed using compromised credentials, internal or outsourced IT capabilities, or many other hacks. Nothing is 100% secure.


IDECSI is the unique solution that will tell you in real-time whether there is suspicious access or configuration change. Your users and/or your security team will be aware of the breach immediately and able to remediate instantly – saving time, money and reputation.

Resource: Noord-Group (

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