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02 September 2022

Assises Security Conference 2022: feedback from L'Oréal

feedback from L'Oréal - Assises

IDECSI will be present at the 22nd edition of Assises de la Sécurité. After the exclusive feedback of the previous years: SNCF, ADP group, Forvia (ex Faurecia), Eramet, Kering..., IDECSI will give the floor to the world's leading beauty group, L'Oréal, to talk about data protection in Microsoft 365.


Feedback from L'Oréal: Improve data protection for Microsoft 365 and engage the user.

Success story: for more than 7 years, L'Oréal, partner of IDECSI, has chosen MyDataSecurity to better manage and reduce the risks associated with data sharing on Microsoft 365.

MyDataSecurity is a personal security dashboard that allows each employee to monitor and manage the security of their data. With a centralized and personalized view, the user can see and control access, permissions and make any necessary changes thanks to an automated remediation.

Islem Djouini, Corporate CISO, and Cécile Hernu, Cyber Security Project Manager, will share their feedback during a workshop, save the date: Thursday, October 13 at 11am.
A project coordinated with all the Group's CISOs and is aimed at the 70,000 users to provide a modern experience of digital security.  

The program includes:

  • Better control of the data life cycle
  • Helping and empowering users in the governance of rights and sharing (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive...) and enabling them to identify a problem or anomaly
  • Improve the security of sensitive data and optimize Microsoft Purview Information Protection

Feedback from L'Oréal - Assises

Come and discover the implementation of the MyDataSecurity project within the L'Oréal group with the project teams and the corporate CISO, on Thursday October 13, 2022 at 11am. 

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After the 2021 edition "Back to Fundamentals", Assises Conference advocates acceleration!
The acceleration of new digital uses, the deployment of IT solutions, but also the acceleration of cyber actions to face cyber threats.

IDECSI is fully committed to this theme, by accelerating security performance through the integration of users in the security system.
Indeed, IDECSI has developed an end-user solution to make each employee a key partner in the data protection in Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. Detection and reaction capacity are multiplied and faster.

What's new at IDECSI 2022

The new version of the MyDataSecurity dashboard evolves to help the user in the data management: highlights security points of attention, review of access and OneDrive and Teams sharings.

For administrators, the Permission Explorer tool has been enriched with new features for better control and monitoring of sensitive data (MIP). 

To find out about all the new products and developments at IDECSI, visit our teams in Monaco from October 12 to 15 at Les Assises de la Sécurité!

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