Microsoft 365

06 July 2023

[NEW] DETOX to get rid of M365 risky sharing and data access

DETOX for Microsoft 365 is a ready-to-use solution for IT teams and users to target shared data with high and potentially dangerous permissions and remediate them with ease on the Microsoft 365 tenant.

DETOX for M365

Idecsi launches a new solution DETOX for Microsoft 365 to target risky sharings in two steps:

  • 🎯 IDECSI plateforms analyzes and identifies illegitimate, obsolete and malicious shares and accesses on M365.
  • 🙋Concerned users will be able to directly manage these permissions through the user-friendly dashboard, MyDataSecurity: they check and remediate who can access data and how the data is shared, simply.
  • 📈IT & security teams can follow up and mesure the DETOX action through reports, kpis and dashboards (number of users involved, of remediation, of dangerous shares eliminated...)

Based on its innovative technology, MyDataSecurity, the end-user interface displays all risky permissions over data shared in M365: company link, anonymous sharing, shared sensitive data, external access, public Teams and public Sharepoint sites, high permissions...

An efficient way to manage and secure data access and permissions within Microsoft 365, Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive...

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MyDataSecurity has been used by more than 1 billion users from companies like L'Oreal, SNCF, Forvia, Eramet, BPCE...

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