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18 December 2023

Microsoft Loop : new collaborative hub

Microsoft Loop: the latest features of the collaborative hub

In an increasingly collaborative work landscape, Microsoft Loop is emerging as an innovative solution within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. 

This new collaborative platform, still in Beta version, aims to respond to the challenges of productivity and collaboration. It offers users the ability to create, share and manage documents, dashboards and applications, while integrating with other tools in the suite such as Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The application already attracts many users. So, what are its new features and how does this brand new tool reinvent the way of working in business?

1. Microsoft Loop: the collaborative, hyper-connected and dynamic application

Microsoft Loop represents a true revolution in collaboration, as it breaks down the barriers between Microsoft 365, Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications, providing a fluid and connected user experience.

Thanks to Loop, it is possible to access your documents from any application, online or offline, with automatic synchronization. No more need to switch from one application to another to manage your collaborative work: the files from your Microsoft applications synchronize in an instant.

Microsoft Loop : nouvelles fonctionnalités 2023
Image source : Microsoft.

What sets Loop apart is also its ability to enable real-time collaboration with your colleagues. You can comment, co-edit, assign tasks, and track edit history. Automatic loop and file sync across all your devices ensures uninterrupted accessibility. The secret to this seamless integration lies in Fluid Framework technology, which enables the creation of portable components that flow freely between applications while remaining in sync.

Thus, Loop becomes a gateway to the complete universe of Microsoft 365 applications, allowing an overview of the work of your team and allowing you to track the progress of shared objectives. With Microsoft Loop, real-time collaboration becomes a reality no matter where you are, in a conversation, meeting, or document, across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.


2. The new features brought by Loop

Microsoft Loop shines with its new features, shaping the future of team and collaborative work. Let’s take a look at some of these advances:

  • Creating collaborative loops: You can insert interactive blocks of content, called “loops,” into your documents. These loops can accommodate a multitude of elements such as text, images, charts, maps, and even forms.

  • Custom dashboards: Microsoft Loop allows you to create tailor-made dashboards, displaying crucial information for your team or project. You can also integrate these dashboards with third-party applications, such as Power BI, Teams or Outlook, for even deeper data visualization and analysis.

  • Accessibility: Microsoft Loop is at your fingertips, regardless of your devices. On web, desktop or mobile, you can operate Loop wherever you are. Additionally, Microsoft Loop Workspaces give you virtual workspaces to organize and manage your loops and documents by project or team.

  • Automatic synchronization: no need to switch from one Microsoft application to another, thanks to Loop elements that coordinate in real time across all applications.

And that's not all ! Microsoft Loop even offers the possibility of helping you summarize your ideas and find the right tone for a text or email thanks to “ Copilot ”, the new conversational agent based on AI. For example, Copilot can summarize whiteboard content into a Microsoft Loop component that you can easily share.

3. Examples of Loop use cases

  • Create lists or collaborative team projects : the application allows you to create real shared databases. The “Board” component becomes a powerful ally for jotting down, compiling and prioritizing your ideas, while facilitating comments and discussions.
  • Create a “Knowledge Base” for the company : Microsoft Loop offers knowledge management possibilities since the components allow you to formalize information by creating files. Additionally, all updates on Loop are shared in real-time with stakeholders, ensuring synchronization. For example, setting up the editorial charter of your corporate blog so that contributors can refer to it.
  • Assign tasks and track projects : Microsoft Loop simplifies project management by allowing you to seamlessly assign, share, and track tasks. The Task List component helps you list and distribute responsibilities within the team.

  • Create a “to-do list” dedicated to an event and list the different actions to be accomplished. You can assign these tasks to team members, making internal collaboration and project management easier. Additionally, the Task List component allows you to set due dates for each assignment, letting everyone know what to do and when to do it. 

Microsoft Loop thus becomes a valuable tool for project management, with the ability to facilitate working with others and make team coordination more transparent. Internal collaboration is simplified, with the possibility of monitoring the progress of a project in real time.


The latest updates to Microsoft Loop further enhance productivity and collaboration across digital tools. The quick and intuitive handling of Microsoft Loop significantly improves business collaboration.

At IDECSI, we have implemented collaborative work between teams and departments using Loop. Also, we use the application as a knowledge base, or Knowledge base in English, in order to centralize all knowledge relating to the company. 

While companies are still seeking to better regulate uses within the Digital Workplace, to better secure data and better educate users about cyber risk, the management of the data life cycle and in particular, the management of sharing, becomes more complex with these developments.



  Thibault Joubert's opinion -   
   Product Manager IDECSI x Microsoft MVP


"Loop is the revolution for the collaborative Microsoft suite! An essential point, in my opinion, to get maximum benefits is governance. Keeping a space well organized and up to date will allow you to be more productive and ultimately avoid the risks of exposure."




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