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06 July 2020

The Microsoft – IDECSI partnership for optimised security

Microsoft x Idecsi

The Digital Workplace, remote offices and Microsoft 365: As the role of the user is becoming key in data protection, we have worked with Microsoft teams on mapping the security features that are critical to Microsoft 365. This partnership offers companies better visibility regarding how to build comprehensive and optimized user-oriented security.

Work efficiency, user empowerment and security

Today, malicious activities, whether external or internal, to which users increasingly fall prey, are often the entry point for heavy attacks. Thanks to collaborative tools and communications solutions, users can now configure their own workspaces, and authorize access to and the sharing of their data and the their company’s data. This development greatly enhances the opportunities for collaboration and the effectiveness of exchanges.

In this context, one of the major challenges is to be able to detect and immediately stop a malicious or dangerous action, before dramatic consequences occur.  Reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis and teleworking, digital security has become, more than ever, a strategic dimension.

The stakes are now twofold:

  • First, being able to perfectly master the configuration, permissions and rights, synchronizations and legitimacy of access: who does what? Who can access which data? In what spaces? To do what? On what resources?
  • And, regarding concrete key objectives, avoiding the impacts of successful phishing, human error, anonymous outside sharing, or the abuse of rights, for example.

Microsoft solutions – IDECSI: strong optimization of data security and collaborative spaces – Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams

Microsoft offers a suite of advanced solutions for Office 365 security with coverage of core issues such as strong authentication (Azure AD), classification and protection of email and sensitive documents (Microsoft Information Protection), device management (Microsoft Endpoint Management), threat detection (Office 365 ATP), and anomaly detection in SaaS applications (MCas).


“For the past 2 years, IDECSI’s teams have benefited from exchanges and partnerships with Microsoft’s teams and are working on an increasingly virtuous integration in favour of companies that benefit from a Microsoft 365 environment.” Daniel REZLAN, President of IDECSI & co-CEO.


Thanks to IDECSI’s MyDataSecurity and its specialized functions on collaborative spaces, IDECSI makes it possible to connect devices to users and ensures the devices’ security features, as well as their ergonomics and efficiency.

MyDataSecurity is available as a web-based version or as a mobile app:

  • Each user has an interactive dashboard, which allows him to visualize at a glance all of his resources’ security points: who can access his messaging service, his calendar, his contacts? From where? Who is a member of his Teams? What is he sharing on his SharePoint and OneDrive? Which configurations/policies are active?
  • The user is alerted of any changes or potentially dangerous action on his data by a push notification. Users are informed immediately and consulted as soon as an access instance, a setting, or an action that does not correspond to their configured profile occurs. If the action is legitimate this is a “green button” situation; they confirm and IDECSI automatically updates itself. If the action is illegitimate, it is time for the “red button”; they invalidate it and a remediation workflow is launched and/or information is immediately communicated to the SOC and SIEM.

“User engagement is a central issue, with two major interrelated challenges: improving security and optimizing costs. Here these two elements take an important step forward thanks to the partnership between IDECSI and Microsoft.”. Daniel BÉNABOU, General Director of IDECSI & co-CEO.

Modern workplace – Modern security

Associated with Microsoft solutions, MyDataSecurity enables the expected participation and evolution of the user’s role in maintaining security. Indeed, even for the most security-conscious, users and the company are often powerless in the event of an incident if they are unable to see that a problem is affecting their resources and data.

Thanks to its “out-of-the-box” configuration, and as an expert, ready-to-use solution, IDECSI brings a new dimension to this,

  • It complements and enhances the company’s detection capability and reliability,
  • Increases the effectiveness of incident remediation, and helps to raise user awareness of data security.

The Microsoft and IDECSI teams have worked on a mapping of the major essential security functions of Office 365. This document gives companies better visibility over the construction of a global and optimized program. In many use cases, it presents the relevance and advantages of linking IDECSI and Microsoft. 

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