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04 July 2023

New MyDataSecurity feature: Teams Bot

MyData Security Teams Bot

MyDataSecurity now includes a new communication channel, a Teams bot. The chatbot makes it possible to interact with users via automated conversations

MyDataSecurity Bot will make it possible to send security notifications via the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool to users on sharing links that are overly permissive, in the event of suspicious actions or even as part of a campaign for permissions reviews.

Until now, each user was invited to consult MyDataSecurity, the personal security dashboard on access, rights, shares on M365, or to be notified in the event of suspicious events (for example, overly permissive sharing) by SMS and/or email. Today, IDECSI goes further in streamlining communication with the user by offering a bot in Teams


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The main advantages

Teams Bot will further streamline interactions with users and improve data security management.

  • User experience: use the main communication tool (Teams) to send security notifications
  • Sending security notification
    - For the launch of campaign for permissions reviews (direct access link to the MyDataSecurity dashboard)
    - For an alert in case of unusual country
    - For a new share of sensitive data

Capture d'écran notification MyDataSecurity Teams Bot

Teams notification on overly permissive sharing of sensitive data

  • Remediation on sharing links to sensitive data. The user receives notifications on Teams and can instantly correct: 

    - A new share of sensitive data
    - Update sharing links (obsolete...)

Capture d'écran remédiation MyDataSecurity Teams Bot

Corrective action on overly permissive external sharing

By simplifying the process of managing data security, MyDataSecurity and this new bot aim to allow users to spend less time protecting their data while adhering to company security best practices and to spend more time on what really matters to them.

With MyDataSecurity, users have the means to govern and monitor the security of their data and that of the company.

 Discover MyDataSecurity

Learn more about Microsoft Teams Bot

Microsoft Teams Bot is an application with a conversational interface that performs simple and repetitive tasks. Bots are flexible and can handle basic commands or complex tasks that involve artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

You can interact with a bot using text, interactive cards and voice recognition. Each interaction between the user and the bot is represented as an activity. When a bot receives an activity, it forwards it to its activity handlers.

IDECSI uses the chatbot to send users security notifications in the form of interactive cards.

Find out more about MyDataSecurity developments.

Simplifiez la revue des accès et des partages grâce à la solution IDECSI


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